Get Started Fast

With Retainly your first loyalty rewards campaigns will be up and running in minutes.

Step 1…

Design your first offer

Get started with Retainly by creating your first redeemable rewards offer. Setting up a loyalty program that attracts customers to join is easy if you offer the right incentives. A great promotion that works well is to offer a free drink to anyone who participates. 

Step 2…

Promote Your New Loyalty Program

Now, whenever customers visit your store they can earn points and redeem rewards within seconds by simply scanning a QR-code. Display your special QR-code at the checkout to encourage customers to participate in your rewards program.

Step 3…

The Right Insights

Boost your restaurant’s growth, and create even more redeemable rewards, gift cards, and voucher offers. With each QR-code scan, smart cookie technology automatically tracks customer points. Additionally, dynamic QR-codes also help to prevent fraud. Easily check your dashboard analytics to see how well your campaigns are performing.

Step 4.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

An effective loyalty program does more than just offer rewards to customers. Retainly provides countless opportunities to increase customer satisfaction. Interact and connect with customers through weekly newsletters, and surveys to help drive even more growth. Retainly makes it easy to connect your email auto-responder.

Are you stil on the Fence?

Please request a demo. Let us show you how Retainly can help your business grow.